Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Day SeventyEight

Spent the whole day at a customer site.

I now introduce a fourth line in the right sidepanel; my bedtime. I sleep too little or irregular, but it is my own fault. In a small effort to help myself, then best - I think - is to accuratly and honestly note down what one does. This way you can reflect on the state and improvement, or lack thereof. Just look at what has happened to my weight - not a lot. (But then I have not changed the habits of what I eat ... yet)
Weight: 99.0 Kg
Portions: Normal
Sweets: Cake at customer
Sleep: 11pm, 8 hours

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Day SeventySeven

Wednesday evening we are again having our "evening class" at work (for customers). I had the first half (a little over an hour). Last December I presented at a large conferance in the UK, and I choose to reuse the presentation here. I thus needed no preparation, it was a "simple" repeat show. It went down well. The subject was about the different alphabets (english, spanish, hebrew, japanese, sanskrit, viking runes ... there are hundreds!) and how this is solved in IT.Weight: ? Kg
Portions: single-"plus"
Sweets: Cake in evening

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Day SeventySix

What is this strange weight. I did not gorge myself last night. Or ?

Working from home. My Norwegian/London machine is back. Agreeing with the CT to lock at a Plan B implementation. I also need to worry about my presentation tomorrow at our evening arragement.
Weight: 99.5 Kg
Portions: ?
Sweets: ?

Monday, 16 March 2009

Day SeventyFive

Started the day with a run with the wife. I do not run any real distance, so it usually s a longish walk, interspersed with short runs. My wife could run the distance non-stop. I weighed myself carefully before and after and there was a difference of 0.7 kilos.

I use (misuse?) my time with computergames, and today I thought I would use the whole day, rather than just a few hours in the evening, just to get a thorough session. My wife decided to use the day to bake bread. We had closely watched a TV cooking series with just baking bread, and now some of the good ideas were going to be tried. She enjoyed herself with that, and then we had a good leisurly bread tasting session in the afternoon.

The fact that I have a day off every Monday, is not something our customers need to know. Our company has no switchboard, our cell phone numbers are public and customers call us directly. This means occasionally my Mondays are interrupted by a customer. If it is a simple question I handle it there and then, if it is longer than that I arrange for a colleague to take over. This Monday I had three of those.
Weight: 98.5 Kg
Portions: Double
Sweets: -

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Day SeventyFour

Nice slow start to the day - helped by the wife kindly serving tea in bed. We took a trip to the exhibition center, where there was a large fleamarked. We had to concentrate on keeping up with our daughter who kept on walking so as not to loose her in the crowd. She found a nice train but her meager 100kr was simply far too little for the antique train. Sigh.

We were in a cafe for some refreshments, but they somehow lost my wife's order in the kitchen. To compensate I later bought some cake from the bakers and had a nice afternoon at home.

A little later the customer from yesterday (& friday) called, and I spent few hours on the computer from home and we got his problem finally fixed. So he could have weekend, too - what was left of it. :-)
Weight: 98.9 Kg
Portions: single-"plus"
Sweets: Cake with the afternoon coffe

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Day SeventyThree

I got woken up at 9am by an SMS from my colleague of yesterday. He wanted me to be ready to take a possible followup call from the customer. My colleague had worked until 5 am, and things were working now; but just in case... of course I say yes. Customer has not called yet.

Otherwise the day is spent with a long walk with the wife and daughter, doing some incidental shopping in our neighbourhood. Quite unexpectedly we got to buy two gifts for a birthday party we will be attending soon, and we got to ook at a nice but pricey wallpaper. We are having some vauge ideas about redecorating our livingroom.
Weight: 98.5 Kg
Portions: single-"plus"
Sweets: None